Thursday, March 26, 2020


「大切なお知らせ」 Important information:

Because of the coronavirus we will be canceling Sunday’s services and be doing online services on this website from March 29 until April 26. The day and time will be the same, Sunday morning from 10:30 AM. More details about how to join the online service will be sent out by line and email and will be available on this site as well. ★Please click the “Sunday online service” tab to join.

連絡先: 090 5765 8948(長嶋牧師)

Sunday service in Miyota: 10:30am
1st & 3rd Sunday service in Ueda: 2:15pm
For details on exact location please click the “map” tab
Contact info: Pastor Nagashima: 090 5765 8948 (he speaks english)


2nd & 4th Sunday of each month: joint service in Miyota

Take a look at these regular events in the “calendar” tab!:

Jキッズクラブ J kids' club
●ママと一緒に英会話 Mother/baby English class
●上田と御代田の女性向けの子育てクラス Miyota Women’s parenting class
●上田と御代田ライフグループバイブルスタディ Ueda & Miyota Life Groups